Who Are Architects And What Do We Do?

What pops in your head when you think of Architects? Blueprints? Greek temples? Skyscrapers? As easy as it is to identify what architecture is, many people get lost when talking about what Architects do. At Utz + Associates, we’re ready to unveil exactly what we do for you.

In Illinois and many other states, Architects need years of experience and schooling to become licensed. During our educational years, Architects are taught how to think critically about spaces and how people and the environment interact with them. These interactions deeply influence a project and are individually and specifically accounted for.

At Utz + Associates, our clients typically sit down with us during the planning and designing phases of the project, so we can plan better to fit their exact needs and function of the spaces. We go through the list of possible spaces, give each space or room an allotted amount of square footage, and link together the floorplan based on the interactions between the spaces.

While we connect the spaces, we keep in mind energy efficiency (saving the customer long term money), accessibility, wayfinding throughout the spaces, and many other concepts. At Utz + Associates, we have the ability to present a 3D model to our clients, so they can see how their project looks before construction. You can take a look at our new services and technologies here.

As Architects, we want to make sure our client’s vision is met which is why we typically do routine check-ins as construction is underway, confirming that each piece of the project is up to standard.

If you’re interested in starting this process with us, message us through any of our social media accounts or through our website on our free project chat!

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