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Utz + Associates Architects: Showcasing Sustainable Design

Utz + Associates Architects has officially moved to our new office building and we are excited to start showing off its details and features! The first, and possibly most important, feature we will be showcasing is our 24 gleaming examples of sustainable energy resting on the roof of our building. These 24 solar panels collecting the suns bountiful energy will provide our building with 22,000 kwh of energy in their first year of operation. To put that into everyday terms, that's enough energy to power roughly 7,000 LED flat panel televisions for 24 hours! A major design goal for our new office is to display innovative new materials and technologies to our clients in a real life application.

Campbell Residence

Utz + Associates Architects recently coordinating with CCS Architecture and the Campbell Family to design a very unique residence right here in Effingham, Illinois. The contemporary design of the home blends industrial and rustic materials and provides stunning woodland views from its ridge-top perch.

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