UAA Adds Enscape to Design Arsenal

At Utz + Associates Architects, we pride ourselves on offering services and technologies comparable with much larger metropolitan firms. One of those technologies we believe will play the largest roll in helping our clients visualize their future project is real-time architectural rendering. To accomplish this, UAA has incorporated Enscape real-time rendering software into our technological suite. Coupled with the 3D Building Information Modeling software we have already utilized for some time now, Enscape gives us the ability to create near instantaneous life-like images, animation and even virtual reality experiences of our clients projects. These images below or just a small sampling of what is possible when our design ideas meet the power of real-time rendering software.

In collaboration with BSA LifeStructures Inc., UAA has already utilized Enscape to design and visualize the new Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System - Effingham Clinic scheduled to start construction this month.

If you have an idea for a new construction project or want to see what the future of your business could look like, contact us for more information on how UAA and Enscape can provide those visuals for you.

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